Remote Collaboration

5 Minutes with Pinewood Director of Post Production: Jens Christensen


 ClearView Flex 


We talk to the head of Pinewood Groups’ post production department on how ClearView Flex has helped the studio adapt quickly to remote workflows


Overseeing 17 mixing theatres and several sound editorial suites across Pinewood and Shepperton Studios, Jens Christensen is responsible for Pinewood’s post-production department. Some of the most influential films have been filmed at Pinewood including James Bond, Full Metal Jacket and Harry Potter.


The biggest challenge presented to the team at Pinewood has been, unsurprisingly, COVID and its impact on how they work. Christensen states that “we’ve had to adapt to a situation where we are streaming mixes to other facilities” and further states that “with sound, this has been a real challenge” as acoustics and lineups can vary massively depending on the environment the client is in.


Christensen stated that “ClearView Flex … has been instrumental in enabling the industry to continue delivering content over the last 2 years.” Using remote collaboration tools such as ClearView Flex has meant that Pinewood studios has still been able to connect “with facilities and clients across the globe.” 


Although the threat of COVID is not as prevalent as it once was, it is clear to see that the work environment has permanently shifted to that of hybrid working. Christensen states that the remote collaboration workflows implemented at Pinewood are “here to stay as people have realised the benefits these bring.” He further suggests that the benefits of adopting a remote collaboration workflow also has a positive impact on the “bigger picture.” Christensen says he is “particularly excited” about the environmental benefits.  Less air travel for instance “will help move the industry towards becoming more environmentally sustainable.”