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5 Minutes With Top Colourist – Walt Biljan


Formed in 2008 and still privately owned by a group of Canadian filmmakers and friends, REDLAB offers three elite grading studios; full audio, post and VFX packaging for film, TV and commercials. Based in Toronto, it has posted multiple seasons of Emmy winning comedy Schitt’s Creek. REDLAB’s thriving commercial division includes clients such as Gatorade, Google and Starbucks.


ClearView Flex


Discussing everything from working on Schitt’s Creek to dealing with COVID-19 and performing colour grades, REDLAB partner Walt Biljan, discusses the importance of finishing VFX reviews remotely using ClearView Flex.


Following the onset of COVID19, the majority of REDLAB’s 40 strong staff asked to work from home. Biljan and his fellow partner artists worked and isolated in their suites. However, Biljan stated that the set up was “unsustainable” as they were attempting to send and receive media through drives until they “found ClearView Flex.” Undoubtedly, adapting towards remote life is generally easier when there’s already a good relationship between the client and the artists. Although “it’s harder to get to know people over the phone”, the use of ClearView Flex has become a “staple at REDLAB.”


Following the pandemic, the global trend has dictated an increase in the number of people embracing remote working. Biljan stated that more producers and DPs will embrace this method of working to save time travelling overseas and to “get involved with a live stream instead.” The compatibility of ClearView Flex to an Apple device for instance or even an LG Smart TV ensures an even more “solid science” for reviewing & editing. 


 Although there is more emphasis on a face to face rapport that cannot be replicated over the phone, leading experts such as Biljan emphasise the importance of working from home. Remote working has never been easier to facilitate now that “technologies such as ClearView Flex are so strong.”

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