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Arborfield Studios Create Secure & Flexible Client Networks


Arborfield Studios is one of the latest and most exciting film studios to debut in the UK in recent years. Arborfield Studios comes from the team behind Longcross Films Studios, which opened its doors back in 2006. Longcross which has seen frequent use for work on blockbuster hits including Skyfall, War Horse, Captain Phillips and Fast & Furious 6 has made a name for itself due to the studio’s flexibility in allowing producers and directors to modify stages and facilities to meet their specific needs.


Sohonet Media Network, Production Studio Services


Utilising Sohonet services meet the unique requirements of their production customers

“We recognise Sohonet’s ability to accommodate the increasing demands of the media industry which in turn allows us to meet the production needs of our customers.”

Bob Terry, Managing Director of Longcross and Arborfield Studios
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  • We touch 700+ feature & episodic productions annually


As productions are now working with some of the world’s most valuable and sensitive content, moving bigger and bigger files, faster and faster, Arborfield needed a secure and flexible workspace to offer their customers. And transitioning the site from army garrison to cutting-edge film studio brought with it its challenges. In order to provide the on-site services, most productions expect today, Arborfield had to think about their campus-wide network and wireless infrastructure from the early stages of development.


Having successfully worked with Sohonet to retrofit Longcross Film Studios with the latest wireless and networking infrastructure, when the team took on Arborfield, choosing Sohonet as a partner was the logical choice. Sohonet worked closely with Arborfield since the project’s infancy to provide end-to-end network services, real-time collaboration and file transfer tools to the campus as well as installing cutting-edge wireless infrastructure across the site to help Arborfield meet the unique demands of the global film and TV community.


Sohonet has kitted Aarbrofield Studios out with high-end campus-wide network, wireless infrastructure and studio-grade security — helping shape Arborfield’s name as a cutting-edge film studio to an international market.

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