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Arsenal FX and Sohonet: Working Remotely, Working Seamlessly


Arsenal FX, based in LA, is a high-end post production studio providing full spectrum services to the television industry. Their impressive portfolio consists of Suits, Prison Break and New Amsterdam and their tier one clients include Disney, Sony Pictures and HBO.


ClearView Flex


Arsenal FX on performing VFX & editorial reviews, title sessions and other finishing workflows throughout lockdown over ClearView Flex.


Nothing was going to derail Arsenal FX’s state of the art colour and editorial workflows – not even a global pandemic. For many years they had already been using remote workflows as they knew  that for many global key creatives, it can be time consuming and inconvenient to attend sessions. Yet, the facility found its existing remote collaboration product to be underpowered in several areas including security. Considering Arsenal FX works with the likes of Apple, Disney and HBO, which require very high levels of security. They stated that their “prior box was secure but didn’t have a security certification rubber-stamped by every studio.”


Arsenal jumped at the chance to see Sohonet’s real-time, remote review tool,ClearView Flex, in action. Indeed, a principal motivation for Arsenal FX was the higher degree of security offered by Sohonet. Conform Artist, Technologist and Partner at Arsenal FX, Josh Baca, states that “[we] do a lot of work with Apple, HBO and Disney who demand very high levels of security”. Their prior box didn’t have a “security certification rubber stamped by every Studio.” Sohonet’s security services ensured that security was still guaranteed.


 Having used Sohonet’s ClearView Flex, Arsenal FX have stated that the software in tandem with Sohonet’s fibre network and consumer ISPs ensures the facility can stream from its centralised location to its remote artists’ locations. As a result, Arsenal FX has managed to fulfil a busy schedule throughout lockdown by finishing and delivering TV dramas and comedies including NBC medical drama New Amsterdam and Netflix sitcom One Day at a Time.

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