Remote Collaboration

Behind the Mic: Mixing Super Bowl LV spots remotely with Lime Studios


Since opening in 2003, Lime Studios has become one of the most well known mix and sound design houses in the advertising industry. Since the pandemic began, they’ve managed to mix commercials for Disney, Google and Amazon showing that even a global pandemic couldn’t stop them.


ClearView Flex


Following one of the busiest periods for commercial postproduction in the US, as brands lineup high profile Super Bowl commercials, we talk to Tom Paolantonio, Sound Engineer at Lime Studios. He shares how harnessing Sohonet’s Engineering Emmy Winning tool ClearView Flex helped maintain collaboration with colleagues “together, apart.” 


 Lime Studios employs 45 staff working across 12 sound mixing stages. After the early weeks of lockdown, its sound designers, mixers, producers and engineers continued to work in a socially distanced fashion on-site but connecting with clients took trial and error. Paolantonio states that the “creative process was hindered by not having enough time to experiment in real time or the ability to experience the mix and sound design together.”


Although working together in a room is very different compared to using  video, ClearView Flex ensured that Lime Studios didn’t “have to think about the technical side of things” they could “just focus on the work.” 


Knowing that technologies and workflows have changed, “everyone is having to adapt and figure out the best way going forward” and ClearView Flex enables this. In tandem with email and Slack, communication with clients is more “structured and organized” and ClearView Flex ensures that premium outcomes for clients are still possible.

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