Remote Collaboration

ClearView Flex and Sharpe Sound Keep Snowpiercer on track


Based on the 1982 French graphic novel, Snowpiercer depicts class warfare and the politics of survival aboard a perpetually moving luxury train. Sharpe Sounds, Western Canada’s largest and most experienced Sound House, has mixed every episode in the 3 seasons of Snowpiercer. Even with the pandemic in full swing, they did not let  Covid-19 derail their work.


ClearView Flex


 We talk to Sharpe Sounds on how they managed to edit Netflix post apocalyptic drama Snowpiercer – remotely using ClearView Flex.


 Season One was produced with direct hands on access by creatives but season two was post produced under lockdown in Vancouver. The prime challenge for Sharpe Sounds was to edit Season Three under work-at-home orders whilst collaborating with teams based in LA and Toronto. That’s when they started using ClearView Flex.  


Sharpe’s president and senior re recording mixer, Kelly Cole, stated that ClearView Flex was a “ central part of our workflow.” He further explained  that because ClearView was a cloud-based web browser system, “we can get all the creatives and execs on the same playback session watching the exact same feed through ClearView.” Cole states, “[we] play with Atmos a lot so in some areas you can hear Atmos all around you but in other areas we play up the idea of claustrophobia.” 


Members of Sharpe Sounds’ team recently earned a HPA Award for their work on Snowpiercer in the Outstanding Sound in the Episodic or Non theatrical feature category. Cole states “it’s a great series to work on – the crew is amazing – and ClearView has helped us to keep it all on track.”