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ClearView Flex enables Westworld S3 to Mix Episodes Remotely From Home


HBO’s Westworld is an American Dystopian Sci – Fi – a powerful story told by Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy. The show, whose executive producers include J.J Abrams who has produced films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, had HBO’s highest ratings for a premiere and the first season was the most watched first season of a HBO original series.


ClearView Flex


At Sohonet, we are humbled and inspired by Stephen Semel’s write up of the post production process for HBO’s Westworld Season 3 which was finished remotely using ClearView Flex.


In the first few months of the pandemic development, engineering and support teams “worked around the clock” to scale up the service to manage hundreds of new units. The big question and challenge was “how we continue to mix the episodes if the mixers were quarantined in their homes.”


ClearView Flex ensured that “streaming of picture and sound to remote computers” could continue. Indeed, after Semel finished checking the J2K delivery file for the season Finale in a ClearView session before it went to HBO, it aired the following Sunday.


Everyone had to come up with solutions to problems that didn’t exist pre covid but “no one complained about it” and the solution was undoubtedly assisted by ClearView Flex

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