Remote Collaboration

Coffee & TV: Reviewing live edit sessions to Instagram Ads remotely


Made up of award-winning VFX artists, colourists, flame artists, animators, directors and designers Coffee & TV has achieved substantial growth since opening back in 2012 and boasts an extensive creative portfolio of high end brand commercials (Superdry, KFC, Sky Sports) , broadcast projects (ITV, SYFY, Sky)  and music videos (Little Mix, Paloma Faith, Nicki Minaj).


ClearView Flex


Using ClearView Flex to  speed up and simplify the review and approval process for both themselves and their clients

“We love it, clients love it, every client who’s used it has been blown away.”

Jon Trussler, Owner & Co-Founder
  • 30000+ hours editorial reviews shared using ClearView Flex last year
  • 18/24 2019 Oscar-Winners used Sohonet technology in their productions


Coffee & TV recognised that many of their team have lives and families outside of London and they wanted to give them the flexibility to work remotely in order to achieve a healthy work-life balance. The emergence of advanced and secure remote collaboration tools in the market made this a viable option. They also wanted a tool which would enable their clients to review and approve content in real-time when they couldn’t make it into the suite in person, so as not to slow down the production workflow.


Coffee & TV began using ClearView Flex. With the Flexbox installed in their London facility, they’re able to stream live feeds of whatever content they’re working on, to their clients or remote team’s mobiles or laptops to review in real-time, securely. A big use case for them has been the review of Instagram content. With ClearView Flex, they can set the titles in flame whilst their clients can see in real-time how well these titles read on their phone and give instant feedback which speeds up the review process.


In addition to using the tool as a back-up for when clients and team members can’t make it into the suite in person, Coffee & TV have integrated it into their everyday workflow, especially when working on Instagram content – this has helped speed up and simplify the review and approval process for both themselves and their clients.

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