Remote Collaboration


Coffee & TV use ClearView to finish Peaky Blinders VFX


 ClearView Flex 


We had the pleasure of talking to Jon Trussler, Co-Founder and Technical Director of Coffee and TV.


Leading Soho and London-based creative and finishing studio, Coffee and TV has moved from high-end commercial grading to long-form TV while retaining a boutique sensibility. Its latest work is on the final season of the international hit drama Peaky Blinders.


Following the start of the pandemic, Jon Trussler stated that he knew there were ‘some things you could do at home’ and how ‘some bits of kit might work in that environment.’ The pandemic forced Coffee & TV to adopt their mindset on this issue as they ‘had two weeks to get everyone remote.’


Trussel’s team adopted ClearView Flex so they were able to collaborate effectively, and remotely, during the pandemic. He stated it was ‘the best solution we found in terms of colour depth and fidelity’ with the biggest test presenting itself in editing VFX shots for BBC drama Peaky Blinders. They also had the task of creating the Sky Sports Lions Tour 2021 title sequence that was nominated for a BAFTA Craft Award in which ClearView Flex was ‘used extensively.’


Jon stated that ClearView remote sessions ‘are amazing and clients love it because ‘they get instant live feedback on all inputs.’ The sheer flexibility of ClearView Flex means anyone, anywhere on the globe, can tune in at any time, ‘opening up the whole globe.’