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Cutting Edge: How Final Cut Craft Control Over Covid


Final Cut is a creative editorial company with offices in London, New York and Los Angeles – clients include Guinness, Coca Cola and American Express.  For over 25 years, it has collaborated with top agencies and directors to produce some of the most prominent commercials and music videos.


ClearView Flex


Final Cut Editor, Ed Cheesman, talks Covid and editing in real time with pinpoint accuracy using ClearView Flex. ClearView Flex allowed directors and agencies to see exactly what Cheesman was seeing in frame for frame accurate pictures.


Final Cut pride themselves on having renowned experience and COVID was not going to prevent the company from maintaining its 25 year reputation. One of Final Cut’s roster of sought after directors is Ed Cheesman who explained that when COVID first hit, “the facility still had a large number of jobs in production” which still needed to be completed to the same high standards as pre COVID.


Cheesman was able to continue working alongside respected clients Dom & Nic (Outsider) all via ClearView. He states that a major benefit of using ClearView “was huge” as it enabled the team to “quickly check edits, review task and problem solve all in real time.”


Whilst virtual workflows are not a replacement for physical interactions, undoubtedly ClearView Flex will remain a permanent fixture of work, not just as a result of COVID 19 and social distancing, but equally to provide simple convenience and efficiency. ClearView has proven how seamlessly this new digital route enhance collaboration and ultimately succeed.

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