Director Chris Strong on Remote Color Grades with MPC & ClearView Flex


Chris Strong is an award winning, multi disciplined director specialising in live action with extensive experience of both location and studio based filming as well as post production, animation and experiential. He has worked alongside some of the best advertising agencies in the world such as Ogilvy and McCann Erickson. Brands he has worked with include, Citroen, Coca Cola and the Financial Times.


ClearView Flex


Director Chris Strong says “unplanned awesomeness” can happen even more when shooting remotely & discusses why technology has a big role to play in the future of production.


One of the most challenging aspects that many people in the industry have struggled with is the fact that it can be difficult to convey what a director is trying to achieve on a project. Strong states that you need to ensure there is “synergy between all departments” as you are “working and collaborating with all creatives and crew throughout a project.”


During lockdown, unable to attend grading in person, MPC, long-term customer of Sohonet’s, Colourist Matthieu Toullet suggested Strong use Sohonet’s Emmy award-winning remote review tool ClearView Flex through Apple TV to review the grades remotely. A secure and seamless setup managed via an easy to use app. The result was ‘excellent’ allowing Strong to obtain a direct feed from Matthieu straight to his TV.


Whilst acknowledging that there will be some return to a normal physical presence, Strong states that remote working & the continued use of tools such as ClearView Flex will “continue to help in different ways”. For instance, “taking pressure off the environment by requiring us to travel less” will be especially beneficial to freelance directors and creatives “unable to be in multiple locations at once.”

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