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In 2008, Marvel established Marvel Studios in Los Angeles, CA. The Marvel studio was built from the ground up, providing the perfect opportunity to establish new practices for asset acquisition, security, collaboration, distribution and archive. The studio specified requirements for the enterprise, and for the media to be stored

  • The system should be relevant to film production, meeting technical requirements while fulfilling the needs of the creative teams who work on a different timeline and scale than a typical DAM would support.
  • The system would become the central hub for the studio, serving multiple departments with a variety of file types, and the system would have to scale with growth

Solution :The Backbone of the Workflow

Sohonet Storylink centralises MARVEL’s digital files throughout the entire production process – from script versions and casting, to dailies and VFX, to digital finishing, marketing, final release and asset reuse – all in one system, eliminating duplication reducing costs, simplifying access, mitigating risk and increasing efficiency for a better product.

  • Marvel’s teams upload digital files into Storylink, transcoding and tagging each item, making them available for production.
  • Studio and vendors collaborate within a centralised system accessible from anywhere over the web
  • Team members review content, make annotations, update approval status, and assign shots and other content to the right users.
  • Studio and vendors collaborate within a centralised system accessible from anywhere over the web
  • Assets are shared with team members according to role, access level, timeframe, and security clearance.


For Marvel Studios, Storylink provides studio-wide management of individual TV and feature film production assets and workflow, marketing, consumer products, distribution pipelines, and studio-wide digital archives. Storylink delivers access, function, and efficiency for centralised collaboration.

“[Storylink] is an important part of the modern pipeline we created at the studio. It is what keeps all our lines of business in sync with the studio and our productions. I couldn’t imagine managing what we do without it.” Randy McGowan, VP Marvel Studio Operations

Storylink supports these workflows for Marvel


  • Marketing & sales
  • Trailers & sizzle Reels
  • Clearance & licensing
  • Vendor distribution, review and approval
  • Promotional partner review
  • Publishing
  • Studio Archive


  • Script security, distribution and review
  • Storyboards, previz and production design
  • On-location capture of production elements
  • Talent stills review and approval
  • VFX elements library
  • Stock footage and sound file library
  • Vendor distribution, review and approval
  • Centralized Production Archive