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Five minutes with MPC VFX Supervisor Elliot Newman


MPC is a British visual effects company headquartered in Soho London with other facilities located globally. MPC’s creative services include concept design, animation, as well as other VFX and computer animations. The studio has received three Academy Awards for its work on the motion pictures 1917, The Jungle Book and The Life of Pi. Elliot Newman, VFX Supervisor on the live action remaking of The Lion King, discusses the importance of being able to work remotely with international teams, in 4K definition and still achieve “what you’d experience if you were office-based.”


ClearView Flex | ClearView Pivot


MPC’s Elliot Newman on using ClearView Flex to collaborate in real-time on VFX and enable remote final reviews with clients.


VFX artists, regardless of a global pandemic or not, require  the ability to work with full quality images at 4K. Newman explains that following on from the pandemic, international artists and teams still need to collaborate remotely. For instance, directors, who are not local “may be too busy to shoot and not available to visit the suite.” A critical component for the likes of MPC is the ability to facilitate key individuals being included on sessions and having them engage in real time collaboration.


International collaboration on major projects is not uncommon for films such as The Jungle Book or  to have projects being worked on in “Montreal, London and Bangalore”  with each team contributing to different aspects of a certain project. Mediums such as Sohonet’s ClearView Flex and Pivot provide the tools to facilitate a seamless timeline for a project. They provide the options for “senior craft talent unable to spend 10 months of the year locally in the office” to add their insights to the project. Newman states that both ClearView Flex and Pivot ensure access to files, folders and software with the highest quality video without the risk of the content being downloaded or uploaded. He goes on to state that ClearView Flex and Pivot further enable the ability to replicate “what you’d experience if you were office based.”


For Elliot Newman, and indeed many other leading professionals in the VFX community, the ability to collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world without the need for a studio is incredibly reassuring. In particular, ClearView Pivot’s power to mitigate concerns of quality limitations with a full 4K 4:4:4 high quality stream is why it’s loved by VFX specialists across the globe.

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