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Five Minutes With ‘The Mill’s’ Head of Technology – Rizzo Islam


The Mill, the first UK VFX company to win an Oscar, are a global creative partner for agencies, production companies and brands who specialise in VFX, creative production and experience design. Rizzo Islam, the Head of Technology at The Mill, discusses the challenge of incorporating The Mills’ renowned world class finishing and colour team into remote workflow. 


ClearView Flex


World Class Finishing and colour team on the utilisation of ClearView Flex for critical live streaming sessions with both clients and teams. 


Having streamlined most of its workstations with PC-over-IP connections some years ago, following the offset of the pandemic, the demand to create a gateway to extend that PCoIP connection into people’s homes was needed. With over 113 artists working remotely, the biggest challenge was for the grading team who traditionally demanded “sophisticated pieces of equipment with many complex components.”


In order to overcome this challenge, The Mill embraced Sohonet’s remote review tool ClearView Flex to host secure, critical live streaming sessions with clients and for their Flame and Nuke to host sessions with multiple collaborators over the world. Flex provides their teams with an easy-to-use tool that requires no IT headache or preplanning and has given The Mill the ability to run sessions from London, or the middle of rural areas where internet connectivity may have been an issue.


ClearView Flex has given The Mill the ability to have real-time review sessions with multiple people over the world, regardless of their location or bandwidth. Crucially they were able to ensure those sessions were in perfect sync. Of special benefit to The Mill, they have been providing their clients with a user-friendly tool that is secure. Client’s “love the fact they can just click a link and can be confident that the stream is secure and encrypted.” With dynamic workflows and tools such as ClearView Flex, The Mill feels confident that they can accommodate more hybrid working environments where teams and clients have the flexibility to work from both home and facility.

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