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Formosa Group | Post-production audio anytime, anywhere, remotely


Formosa Group is widely recognised as the leading force in post production audio and engages with filmmakers and content creators to tell stories through sound. With multiple locations across North America and the UK, the Streamland Media company offers a full service post production sound facility with award winning creative talent. It’s latest projects include the most recent season of CBS shows Dynasty and Bull, which were completed during the pandemic using remote workflows – only possible with ClearView Flex.


ClearView Flex


Widely recognised post production audio group, Formosa, on the rise of remote working and putting ClearView Flex to work.


Long before COVID, Formosa were exploring options to connect clients remotely to its studio. Director of Operations & Engineering Daniel Shimiaei, stated that “the client has to interact with creative talent” otherwise it’s “a totally frustrating experience.” Latency and buffering mechanisms with other systems meant a drop in frames led to poor experience for clients – an issue they wanted to resolve. 


ClearView Flex ensured that “streaming of picture and sound to remote computers” could continue. After being introduced to ClearView Flex, Formosa were able to set up dubbing sessions and final playbacks, assisted with Zoom for interactive communication. Working in real-time, remotely, ClearView Flex allowed Formosa to “review material and work with [our] artists live.” It offered a level of flexibility that clients demanded in a remote situation.


“Remote working has become part of the natural workflow,” says Shimiaei. Although some clients are naturally eager to return and enjoy stage environments again, many are still reluctant to do so and have discovered a new process that works for their busy schedules. Shimiaei states that following COVID there is a  growing trend for remote working, “Pandora’s Box has been opened … with content platforms launching and production demand ramping up – it’s not going to shut.” Products such as ClearView Flex will enable those on a busy schedule to continue to work remotely, globally and in real-time. 

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