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Fuse FX: Remote VFX Shot Reviews from Home


Fuse FX is an award-winning Visual Effects Studio providing visual effects services for episodic television, feature films, commercials, and VR productions. Founded in 2006, the company employs 500+ personnel across seven studio locations: our flagship office in Los Angeles, CA, New York City, Vancouver, BC. and Atlanta. Their clients include the likes of HBO, CBS, Netflix, Legendary, AppleTV, Sony, and Warner Bros.


ClearView Flex


Using ClearView Flex for secure and reliable VFX shot reviews

“ClearView is a critical system for VFX reviews.”

Jason Fotter, CTO
  • View shots remotely & save hours of render time across a project
  • Stream VFX shots securely to your teams, partners and clients


Like the rest of the industry, Fuse FX has been dealing with the challenge of COVID-19 and getting to grips with working from home and tackling the obstacles – both expected and unexpected – that appear in their path. Fuse FX’s CTO Jason Fotter explains, “When we were all in the office, we would schedule reviews in a screening room and you’d have the shots up on the screen to comment and approve. That was initially the biggest hurdle in going to a remote workflow because we knew we could do remote and secure access and run the software we needed, but real-time, high-quality reviews were the main issue.” They tested some screen sharing apps and those were less than ideal ‘because you don’t get real-time playback, it’s highly compressed, and not secure Fotter adds.


The Fuse FX team are now relying heavily on Sohonet’s real-time review tool ClearView Flex for remote VFX shot reviews. Flex’s HDMI desktop sharing option provides teams with an ideal way to view shots remotely without having to render the content and export work prior to sharing. This can save hours of render time across a project as well as reducing compute requirements. Fotter comments that Flex is now “a critical system for VFX reviews,” and adds ‘It’s very easy to use and you can send requests to join a session. It would also be very easy to include clients in those sessions too”.


Flex has enabled Fuse FX to run secure, real-time reviews whenever they need to with speed, security, and efficiency. And quoting Fotter “All the employees that have used it so far have told me how great it is and we are so thankful that this product exists so that we can continue to do our shot reviews.”. Happy days.

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