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Gentle Giant Store & Deliver Data Securely | FileStore+ & FileRunner


From the Matrix to the Harry Potter franchise, Gentle Giant Studios’ products & services permeate the entertainment industry – providing pioneering cutting edge 3D scanning, modelling and 3D printing for greater realism. 


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Gentle Giant on scanning full-body digital doubles for VFX to creating a fantasy starship for Porsche AG and Lucasfilm — and the cloud-based storage and delivery systems they’re using.


Gentle Giant captures data including Lidar and full-frame photogrammetry and internally processes it for delivery to their different departments – Fine Art, Prototyping and 3D Printing for creation of art collectables, action figures, products. The data is also used for VFX, or to 3D print mannequins for Costume.

All of this generates significant volumes of rich data that needs to be delivered to different teams and stored – all under the strictest of security protocols. Their existing infrastructure was not supporting the amount of data they were being asked to store and they needed to upgrade it with unlimited scalability. 


Gentle Giant are now utilising Sohonet’s cloud storage offering FileStore+ for backup, short term project parking and archiving. Kim Lavery, Global Executive Producer states that FileStore+ allows for Gentle Giant to collate more than 20 years of data which is a “huge asset for future use.” The team are also using Sohonet’s unlimited file transfer tool, FileRunner to seamlessly deliver files to clients and collaborators securely. 


Gentle Giant is Marvel and Disney-approved because of the way they have set up their cloud-based storage and delivery systems. As Global Executive Producer,  Kim Lavery puts it, the Sohonet toolset they now employ (including the Sohonet Media Network, FastLaneFileRunner and FileStore+) “are superior to other platforms we have used in every way.”

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