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Harbor Pictures: Deliver content on tighter budgets & faster timelines


Launched back in 2012, The Harbor Picture Company is an independent studio crafting premium content for feature film, episodic, and advertising industries. Since then, Harbor has grown to a global company with operations in New York, Los Angeles and London. Relentlessly focused on talent, technical innovation, and protection of artistic vision, Harbor hones every detail throughout the moving image-making process: live-action, dailies, creative & offline editorial, design, visual effects, sound and picture finishing.


Sohonet Media Network


Delivering content quickly and securely with the Sohonet Media Network

“Due to the robustness of their network and the way they institute their protocols, we have significant peace of mind that the sessions will be secure, and they won’t drop out. That is virtually priceless.”

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Harbor’s DNA has always been on the bleeding edge technology-wise, having always been ambitious in wanting to push out high-quality, technically challenging content and at the same time needing to deliver on tighter budgets and faster timelines. Because they were chasing commercial, feature and episodic work, all over the globe, they had to be able to get data home quickly and securely. Having a secure network with guaranteed bandwidth was mission-critical.


With Sohonet’s private media network, Harbor now enjoys a secure private network with guarantee bandwidth. Key to their service is the 24/7/365 customer support which Sohonet offers. As Co-Founder Zak Tucker says ‘The key thing they do is support us. When we are doing supervised remote sessions with directors which we can’t have go down, or even drop a frame, that’s where Sohonet really come in to play.


Due to the robustness of the Sohonet Media Network, Tucker adds,  and the way Sohonet institute protocols, “we have significant peace of mind that the sessions will be secure, and they won’t drop out. That is virtually priceless. They’ve created an internet catered to the media world.”

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