Remote Collaboration

Hireworks: Solving their clients remote-collaboration challenges


Hireworks is one of Europe’s leading rental companies, providing location Post Production and Broadcast equipment and Central London cutting rooms since 2007. Their clients spread across many areas of the TV and Film industry.  Game of Thrones, Bohemian Rhapsody, Fantastic Beasts, Mary Queen of Scots, Mowgli, Bodyguard and Wimbledon Tennis are just some of the fantastic productions they have worked with.


ClearView Flex


Using ClearView Flex to arm their clients with a trusted and secure tool to help solve their remote-collaboration challenges.

“In terms of our clients, the main users of ClearView Flex are directors or producers who want to make edits or view content but don’t want to travel into central London. Whether they’re based in London or out of town they’ll be able to do that remote viewing at home”

Simon Graham, Operations Manager at Hireworks
  • 24/7/365 expert support
  • 25+ years experience serving the Film, TV and Ad industries


A large part of Hireworks’ business is housing a number of tv-dramas and films in their numerous editing suits and cutting rooms (80+) and supporting them technically in their day to day.  They started to see with increasing frequency, teams wanting or needing to work remotely – directors being based outside London and not wanting to make the journey in, but rather wanting to have remote editing and review sessions daily and in real-time.  Or in their work with notable American studios, teams frequently needing to send content to the US for review in order to move forward with their work. And what Hireworks started to see a was a number of these clients using Sohonet’s ClearView Flex tool to help solve their remote collaboration challenges.


Recognising that many of their clients faced the same challenges (dispersed teams, tight-deadlines),  Hireworks made the decision to get ClearView Flex for themselves, enabling them to hire it out as a remote-working tool and an ‘added extra’ for their clients. Since, with ClearView Flex only needs hardware setup on one end, when a client turns up and wants to utilise it, Hireworks can have it ready to go in any one of their rooms, enabling that person to securely stream their content to their collaboration partners (wherever they are in the world), in real-time and without any delay in coordinating the installation themselves.


Having ClearView Flex ready to go in-house, means Hireworks now have the ability to arm their clients with a trusted and secure tool to help solve their remote-collaboration challenges. They also remove the stress of these teams having to deal with multiple suppliers by taking charge of the setup and coordinating directly with Sohonet’s 24/7 support team to resolve any issues, resulting in a smoother experience for their customers.

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