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Homespun Yarns: Reliable & secure short-film transfers


Talent-nurturing film competition, Homespun Yarns, supports up-and-coming filmmakers and editors by providing them with both the funding and platform to work and develop their talent through a unique film competition. Finalists produce and edit a short-film with assistance from some of the industry’s most renowned post facilities, which is then judged by a Homespun panel and audience at an awards night.


Sohonet FileRunner


Keeping up with ever-increasing demand, while keeping everything secure with FileRunner

“Using the FileRunner transfer tool has given our filmmakers the chance to experience a smooth and secure post-production process”

Alice Clarke, EP of Homespun
  • Deliver award-winning work on time
  • 25+ Years serving the M&E Industry


Regularly sharing and collaborating on initial ideas and content with their post and edit teams was key for the Homespun finalists. However not all of them had had the right experience nor technologies in place to be able to send their large files quickly and securely – and without those tools, their project workflows could be significantly slowed down.


Sohonet partnered with Homepspun, to offer each finalist their own FileRunner accounts to help them collaborate securely and effectively with their teams throughout the competition. Because of FileRunner’s simple, easy to use, web-based interface the finalists and their teams could use the tool confidently with little or no training.


The finalists were able to focus on their creative vision without being slowed down trying to send large files over email or transferring the footage on foot. 

The simple, self-explanatory interface of FileRunner, meant that their teams were able to use the tool confidently, simplifying their workflows and enabling the whole team to experience a more smooth and secure post-production process.

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