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ITV Studios: Respond to demand for fast & secure data transfer


ITV Studios creates, produces, and distributes some of the world’s most exciting content, connecting millions of people every day and reflecting the world they live in. In 2019 alone, teams spanning 60 production labels within the ITV Studios family produced nearly 9000 hours of programming in 12 different countries.


Sohonet Media Network


Keeping up with ever-increasing demand, while keeping everything secure with FileRunner

“Sohonet’s global connectivity infrastructure enables us to effectively and cost-efficiently share and deliver data to many of our industry partners”

Robert O’Brien, Application Manager of ITV Studios
  • 25+ Years serving the M&E Industry
  • 1600+ Connections across 19 countries, 56 cities


In response to the media industry’s shift towards digital media and the rapidly increasing demand for fast and secure data transferral, ITV Studios needed the infrastructure to provide seamless, secure and fast delivery of its high-value data from their world-renowned facility on London’s Southbank, across the UK to and from its numerous collaborators.


ITV Studios migrated to a multi-Gbps capable Sohonet architecture at their facility to achieve this, implementing the Sohonet Media Network to support its UK operation, and ensure the secure and fast delivery of their content. ITV now has the ability to collaborate directly with hundreds of partners and clients worldwide who are already utilising the Sohonet Media Network for reliable and secure file transfer, while benefitting from bursting capabilities offered by Sohonet. Sohonet’s Modal Average Pricing allows customers to run their infrastructure at far higher utilisation levels thereby minimising expenditure on unneeded bandwidth by leveraging a simplified burst management capability.


ITV recognise how important a role their network infrastructure plays in the delivery and creation of high-value media assets. ITV now have the ability to transfer large amounts of video quickly, reliably and securely while minimising costs.

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