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Lantana: Give tenants easy access to customised network solutions


Located in the centre of Santa Monica’s Media District, Lantana features flexible long-term space, and sort-term production space for media professionals. Lantana consists of four distinct buildings on twelve acres. Each building features state-of-the-art amenities situated in a prime location with easy access to the I-10 Interstate and the Expo Line.


Sohonet Media Network, Production Studio Services


Positioning Lantana as a unique real estate hub for feature film and television production companies with Sohonet

“The availability of a production-ready creative workspace at Lantana powered by Sohonet is amazing for projects like The Bourne Legacy. I believe that during the entire transition we were down less than one hour. Their support helped us keep our editors and production humming continuously and deliver on schedule.”

Harrison Marks, Visual Effects Coordinator
  • 49 Global Production Studio Partners
  • We touch 700+ feature & episodic productions annually


Lantana is home to a number of media companies and their security and bandwidth demands continue to increase exponentially. Rebecca Hamilton, General Manager of Lantana says “Lantana’s clients are working with some of the world’s most valuable and sensitive content moving bigger and bigger files farther and faster. Our clients face complex working requirements that call for tightly integrating data services with creative workspace into a turnkey production services offering. We knew that we needed an easy and secure way for them to keep them functioning on many levels and a long-term solution for our campus.”


Sohonet retrofitted Lantana’s Santa Monica campus giving tenants easy access to networking solutions that are customisable to their creative needs. Lantana and Sohonet have designed a scenario where a full range of highly secure connectivity solutions can be initiated within just an hour or even in minutes and services can be scaled up and down throughout the duration of a project. — creating an ideal environment for clients who work around the clock and have dynamic needs. As part of the building modernization process Sohonet successfully transitioned over 40 tenants with unlimited capacity for adding long- and short-term clientele.


Rebecca Hamilton, General Manager of Lantana adds that Sohonet ‘understand the way that our tenants work and they carefully managed every step of the implementation. I could not have asked for a smoother or more successful outcome’.

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