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Eric Martell inaugurated Martell Sounds over 30 years ago, the full size sound lot at the historical Lot Studios on Formosa Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Notable work ranges from dramas such as 12 Years A Slave and Django Unchained to Pirates of the Caribbean and The Muppets Movie. Following the retirement of Martell, the brand’s reputation for excellence has been carried forward by sound mixer and company owner – Marcus Zalewski.


ClearView Flex


Sound mixer and company owner Marcus Zalewski on mixing trailers remotely and providing real-time review for clients using ClearView Flex.


Along with the rest of the industry, Martell Sound was forced to shut down in the second week of March in 2020 which was exacerbated by the fact that movie theatres were closed and theatrical releases were suspended – they didn’t open again for two months.

By the end of May, some work started to return but “understandably no one wanted to come to the mix stage”, owner Marcus Zalewski recalls. Martell Sounds tried remote working on a couple of projects by sending QuickTime files, along with stereo audio to clients, but had to wait a day to receive sound mix notes. Then they’d make the adjustments and resend the file. It was a three-day process just to get anything done and was “effectively unworkable.”


Zalewski was introduced to ClearView Flex through Disney which is one of Martell’s biggest clients. Immediately he could see that Flex was a “game changer”. Using the tool they could review mixes in real time and bring everyone in on ClearView to look at material at the same time as if they were in the room. Zalewski himself went into the soundstage to work on the final mix and to stream sessions from there to clients using ClearView Flex including trailers for the second season of The Mandalorian for Disney+.  Martell continues to host between 3 and 10 people on the mixing stage for approvals, enabling seamless collaboration regardless of location.


ClearView Flex is now Martell’s “go to equipment” for remote reviews. Since trailers are always against the wall when it comes to timeframes and release dates, Flex helps speed up the review process and provides a studio-approved, user-friendly tool for Martell.

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