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Milk VFX: Predictable Capacity for VFX Rendering


Founded by award-winning VFX Supervisors and Producers, Milk VFX is an Academy and BAFTA award-winning visual effects company with the international high-end television and feature film markets. Milk VFX are known for their complex and innovative sequences and have worked on projects ranging from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Doctor Who, Sherlock and Ex Machina.


Sohonet Media Network, Sohonet FastLane


Using Sohonet Fastlane and Google Compute Engine to pitch on bigger projects and match their OPEX with their client proposal

“Having our secure and dedicated connection to GCE enables us to confidently pitch on bigger projects, knowing we have rendering capabilities behind us if required — without worrying about where we’ll put the extra render nodes if required.”

Dave Goodbourn, Head of Systems
  • 5/7 2019 tentpole movies rendered via FastLane
  • 80% Major VFX houses benefit from Sohonet services


Like much of the industry, Milk VFX’s work is project-based with peaks and troughs in workload. And as the demand in recent years for high-quality, technically challenging content intensifies so does the need for storage, rendering and compute power. For Milk VFX, peaks in projects meant purchasing servers, software, cooling, etc to tackle the increased demand – but this wasn’t always make financial sense as much of the kit would then sit idle when demand eased off.  They needed to be able to grow and shrink compute capacity to match demand


Fastlane provided them with a secure, low latency, direct connection to the Google cloud, enabling them to utilise cloud computing resources as and when needed, negating the need to invest in hardware to match project demands. This provided them with a flexible and cost-effective solution to ramp up or down on a project by project basis.


Sohonet Fastlane and Google Compute Engine allowed Milk VFX to pitch on bigger projects and match their OPEX with their client proposals

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