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Based in Soho London since 1973, renowned post production house, Molinare, have been at the forefront of technological and workflow efficiencies. Their portfolio consists of delivering some of the biggest shows in the UK such as Killing Eve and Peaky Blinders. When COVID 19 hit in early 2020, most productions were sent into virtual shutdown with post producers scampering to set up remote workarounds, but not Molinare. Their secure cloud based workflows and high precaution health measures meant staff and clients could continue as usual.


ClearView Flex


Director of technology and visual services at Molinare, Darren Woolfson, discusses how Soho’s iconic post production house has coped with the reversion to “at home” workflows.


Director of technology and visual services at Molinare, Darren Woolfson, describes that a critical component to monitor during lockdown was the level of security in the facility. He explains that there are “genuine security issues and perceived ones”, especially as a facility is a more obvious target than a single hard disk in someone’s home. Working with high profile clientele, it is not surprising that complete reassurance on security was of vital importance for Woolfson and his team. 


Rather than relying on one tool, Woolfson engaged in a combination of solutions including HP’s RGS and underpinning them all was the Sohonet network. Not only did Molinare utilise Sohonet’s managed VPN,  he also used ClearView Flex in their grading and online suites for review and to “post a variety of high profile projects for all the streaming giants during the pandemic”. Woolfson also stated that Sohonet’s ClearView Flex enabled a calibrated 4K display which made the ability to make specific and nuanced decisions about colour, for instance, possible.


 Although many people are desperate to get back to the office and the role of remote working will diminish a little, the ability to use remote tools such as ClearView Flex ensures clients have the flexibility to decide where to set up. and further Molinare to “sell more edit facilities.” No longer “constrained by physical capacity”, platforms such as ClearView Flex have allowed for “real opportunity all round” in an increasingly remote working environment. 

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