Remote Collaboration

OTT House Audio adopts ClearView Flex to extend client and staff flexibility


 ClearView Flex 


We talk to Cheryl Ottenritter on her love for the art and power of sound that reverberates through every project.  


In 2016, this woman-owned business became the first Dolby Atmos Home Entertainment Studio on the East Coast. Since then, every OHA sound engineer proudly maintains a remote mixing location, allowing the shop to accommodate client needs from anywhere in the world. 


Following the pandemic, Cheryl and her team wanted to get away from just the asynchronous reviews that they were doing. She also stated that she wanted a tool that was ‘not just for review but as more of a collaboration tool.’ That’s where ClearView Flex came into play. 


ClearView allowed Cheryl and her team to ‘collaborate’ on the schedules of their clients. Although during the pandemic most of their clients were ‘perfectly fine’ conducting asynchronous reviews, now OTT House Audio says they want to give them [clients] ‘greater flexibility and creative control.’ Cheryl also said that by adopting a real time review session it means that clients who desire different methods of working are able to adapt to the way Cheryl works. She says “some people want to be more involved than others and this way we can just open up the link and they can be in session with us no matter where they are” and ClearView Flex allows for that.


Cheryl believes that those who adopt a hybrid approach to work, even when things have started to open up, people will be ‘better’ in their ‘personal, professional and creative lives.’ This flexibility has allowed OTT to take on clients from across the US without having to ‘hop on a plane’ allowing them to embrace exciting new projects.