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Picture Shop Complete Shows Securely & Remotely for Disney+


Picture House (formally Finale Post) is an award winning, state of the art post production house which offers comprehensive picture services for some of the industry’s largest and top studios. Recent projects include working on Bridgerton, American Made starring Tom Cruise and The Walking Dead. 


ClearView Flex


Sohonet talks with Picture Shop’s Don Thompson & Allan Pinvidic on  remote tools, hybrid workflows and how ClearView Flex has allowed them to continue delivering shows for Disney+ and Nickelodeon amidst COVID.


Following the start of COVID, the team in Vancouver had the task of finishing Netflix’s musical drama Julie and the Phantoms – editorial, online conform and colour while executives remained in LA. After testing a number of remote solutions, executive VP of the Vancouver facility Don Thompson, stated that “[we] were disappointed with the results we got from most of the technology. They exhibited extreme lag or would continually drop in both sound and picture.”


After being introduced to ClearView Flex, Julie and the Phantoms was completed on time and also led to Picture Shop Vancouver immediately swapping its other shows, including The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special and the Nickelodeon series The Barbarian and the Troll – to ClearView too.

For The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, an animation produced by Atomic Kid Studios for Disney+, The Mix Room in Vancouver, was coincidentally also swapping to ClearView Flex at the time, so as Thompson comments “all round Flex just made post sessions a trusted, repeatable process for them” and the producers were “amazed at the shift to Flex and particularly how the colour matched up to their expectations.”

“Clients universally loved the change,” Thompson says. “They were no longer looking at small, pixelated windows or experiencing drops in service but had a solid, secure, efficient process day in and day out that could be repeated.”


The COVID plan for British Columbia was set out by the government and has allowed for production to “slowly get back to work” over the summer. However, following the industry trend of a more hybrid approach to in person and remote collaboration, Thompson states that the trust Picture House built with clients has extended to “a normal review and approval process using ClearView Flex.”

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