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Re-Recording Mixer Karol Urban Hosts Remote Audio Reviews | ClearView


Karol Urban CAS MPSE (Grey’s Anatomy, Single Parents, New Girl, Station 19 and Boomerang) re-recording mixer, has built a diverse list of mix credits spanning work on feature films, TV series (scripted and unscripted), TV movies, and documentaries and describes her job as “playing mind games with sound.” As a perpetual student of her craft, she enjoys exploring the power sound has to immersive the viewer in the narrative. 


ClearView Flex


Sohonet talks to re – recording mixer, Karol Urban (CAS MPSE) regarding audio workflows and how to continue with success remotely.


Urban explains that the final stages of the creative process are often the most essential and the ones most at risk of being lost when workflows are torn apart. Critical decisions are affected greatly when client and editor for instance are tasked with making nuanced adjustments to the sound and picture without the ability to share the screen in front of them. ​​When COVID-19 threatened to terminate this social connection, Urban was ready to plug it right back in.


Even prior to the pandemic, Urban used ClearView Flex in order to help some clients “overcome the logistical challenge of LA’s notorious traffic and maximize their productivity.” Indeed, both Fox’s New Girl and Single Parents were mixed using ClearView Flex. Having perfected the system of remote approval for major broadcast networks, it was straightforward to pivot when the pandemic struck. Urban states that ClearView Flex has allowed for greater productivity as creative teams have begun to “consolidate and pre discuss notes” – prioritizing what’s important and “make [ourselves] more efficient.” 


Although no platform can replicate face to face interaction, Urban stresses that the introduction of ClearView Flex, and remote working as a whole, has truly assisted efficiency as “clients are asking themselves whether they need to be physically present or not.” Like many in the industry, Urban is aware that the workflow is moving forward and “ClearView Flex has been a great solution” in mitigating this change.

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