Sharpe Sound Play Mixes Live Off The Stage To Anyone, Anywhere


Sharpe Sound Studios & Television is Western Canada’s largest and most experienced sound house. Specialising in sound mixing and sound design for high end feature films and television, their most recent work includes using ClearView Flex to mix Netflix series and shows for Disney Channel, among others. 


ClearView Flex


We sit down with Sharpe Sound’s, Sound Mixer and Supervisor Kelly Cole, and hear about his experience working remotely and delivering for the likes of Disney and Netflix with ClearView Flex.


Following COVID 19, as entire studios shut down, Cole explains that there was “no way for producers to get into the audio lab to playback shows” and Sharpe Sounds needed a viable option. They were previously using Streambox to stream live Atmos mixes from the stage directly to studio production teams in LA. Once everyone was working from home as a result of the pandemic, Sharpe Studios looked into a solution which allowed them to “play [our] mixes live off the stage to anyone, anywhere.”


After being introduced to ClearView Flex via Sohonet representatives in Vancouver, Cole and Supervising Sound Editor Bill Mellow, were able to live mix from their rooms with ClearView. Cole explains that the project that “sold ClearView Flex to us [Sharpe Sound]” was the Disney Channel Original Movie Upside – Down Magic as director Joe Nussbaum was virtually live through the entire eight day mix in which “ClearView was used for live playback and Slack for communication.” 


Although working remotely is a learning curve if, like Kelly Cole, you are used to having a creative team “in the room with you”, ClearView Flex is a suitable solution as it means “you’re getting a very consistent stream that everyone can look at.” The simplicity of being able to use any device (phone, laptop, tablet, Apple TV) to view a session enables viewers to “be as involved as they want to be.”

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