Remote Collaboration

Stitch Editing & Bacon VFX Enable High-Quality Remote Collaboration


Stitch Editing, founded in 2010, cuts commercials and content from its offices in London and LA. Recently, Stitch Editing along with Bacon VFX, worked on the ‘No Strings Attached’ commercial for Moschino’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Similarly, Bacon is a high end visual effects boutique concentrating in commercial and creative content finishing and has created campaigns for a range of  brands from Audi to Netflix to JP Morgan Chase.


ClearView Flex


Sohonet talks to Stitch Editing and Bacon VFX on their hunt for high-quality remote review tool that didn’t compromise the clients viewing experience  —  and how they landed on ClearView Flex.


Stitch pride themselves on offering a unique creative environment in which clients can engage with craft artists. Following the offset of the pandemic, the risk of social distancing threatened to halt normal services and more significantly, potentially damage and strain relationships. Mila Davies, the Executive Producer of Stitch Editing, stated that three weeks into lockdown “it was clear [we] needed a longer term solution” to collaborate and share content with clients. In a similar manner, VFX Supervisor and Senior Flame Artist Mitch Gardiner, voiced his concerns regarding no face – to – face interaction with clients. Working remotely meant that Gardiner and Davies had to find a remote review solution that would be “as seamless as possible” without jeopardizing quality and low latency.


Following an introduction to ClearView Flex, Stitch and Bacon have now utilised Sohonet’s real-time review tool on projects for Honda, Wells Fargo and of course, Moschino’s ‘No Strings Attached’. ClearView Flex ensures that Flame artists, like Mitch Gardiner whose entire career has been built on reputation, is not undermined by sessions frustrated by inadequate technology.


Gardiner states that “after spending 18 years in our suites, I haven’t set foot in Santa Monica in the last 10 months” – undoubtedly ClearView Flex will remain a permanent fixture of work, not just as a result of COVID 19 and social distancing, but equally to provide simple convenience and efficiency. 

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