Network Connectivity

WFW Studios Strengthened Production Services with Sohonet 


For more than 50 years, William F. White International Inc has equipped Canada’s film and television industry with the most extensive and technologically advanced rental facility  in the country. Production credits include Academy Award winning The Revenant, The Handmaid’s Tale and Deadpool. 


Sohonet Media Network


 We talk to Doug Sandland, Director of Information Technology at WFW Studios on working remotely and the importance of the Sohonet Media Network.


With the growing trend of remote working and collaboration, Sandland states that “[it] is simply part of how films and shows get made.” Yet, WFW Studios struggled to find a system and tool that could accommodate their needs. They needed a strong and reliable bandwidth across their studios and struggled to find a partner that could  provide what they needed.


Having been introduced to the Sohonet Media Network while at Pinewood Studios, Sandland was aware of “how good the technology [is].” The SMN offers uncontended connection to distributed teams and partners with guaranteed bandwidth speeds. It enables workflows such as on the fly colour correction by a colorist who could be located tens or hundreds of kilometres away in their facility. 


In fact SMNs ability to empower remote collaboration and remote teams, has meant fewer key crew need to travel to set, reducing carbon emissions and costs as well as keeping everyone safe. Sandland states that the SMN provides WFW studios “dedicated, uncontended connection to distribution teams and partners.” Highly secured bandwidth has cemented the essential part of the “modern production infrastructure” meaning clients know they can “rely on us [WFW Studios] to deliver.”