Host real-time creative reviews remotely

Collaborate with your team wherever they are and live-stream frame accurate footage in HDR with ClearView.

Supporting you across the entire production process

Make remote review sessions a real-time collaborative experience


Share your edit software and content bins


No need to upload or pre-render


Go through the action frame by frame in real time

Follow the visual magic from a distance

Wherever your creatives and teams are located, ClearView offers the ‘over-the-shoulder’ experience of being in the same editing suite, so you can keep your production connected and on track from anywhere.

  • High-Quality Streaming

    Review content in 4K HDR and up to 12-bit colour depth and 4:4:4 chroma sampling.

  • Ultra Low Latency

    Collaborate at the speed of light with sub-100ms latency remote live streaming capabilities.

  • Rock-solid frame rate

    With colour and frame-accurate footage streamed in 2K DCI, you can be sure of what you’re seeing.

Add up to 40 viewers in a live review session and experience ‘rock solid’ frame rate, colour and audio accuracy including HDR

What you can do with ClearView

Whatever stage of production you’re in, you can keep everyone connected and every step of the way.

  • Collaborate on the go

    Colourists, VFX artists and other creatives can share their work in 10-bit colour depth, for broadcast-quality video streaming.

  • Audio mixing

    With 5.1 surround sound built into our Apple TV app, ClearView Flex is perfect for professional audio review.

  • Review and approval

    Whether it’s looking at dailies and rushes from multiple sets and locations, or conducting final executive review, ClearView delivers colour and frame-accurate footage.

Review from anywhere, on any device

The Sohonet ClearView range is optimised to work across a range of devices, offering ultimate flexibility in bringing everyone together for live reviews and edits.

Real-time streams can be viewed on a tablet, phone, PC/MAC or through Apple TV via a basic internet connection.

Keeping you secure along the way

Whatever you need to share, and whoever you need to work with, your pre-release content is in the safest of hands.

Studio-grade security

Studio-grade security

Our built-in security measures include end-to-end encrypted video streaming, session burn-ins, and secure invite links.

24/7 customer care

24/7 customer care

From initial set-up to optimising your network and workstreams, dedicated engineers are only ever a phone call away.

Tailored network protection

Tailored network protection

Benefit from managed security across your whole network, configured to work with your devices, firewalls and protocols.

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