Effortlessly manage assets, across all your teams & productions

Let your work flow; with asset management designed for studio-scale collaboration. Storylink empowers teams to discover, exchange and create in a studio-focused, intuitive interface, simplifying asset organisation & accelerating the approval process.

Keeping clients connected

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Stay totally secure

Securely access multiple applications and services within the Storylink ecosystem using a single set of credentials. Control your teams access, track their actions and rest easy.

Built for chaos control

Bring method to the madness, by rapidly ingesting, watermarking, and distributing thousands of assets simultaneously, all with assurance that the right people have the right version.

“[Storylink] is an important part of the modern pipeline we created at the studio. It is what keeps all our lines of business in sync with the studio and our productions. I couldn’t imagine managing what we do without it.”

Randy McGowan {/}VP Marvel Studio Operations

Workflow Driven Experiences

Every creator has a piece of magic to add, but they all have a different approach to their craft. Leverage persona-driven user experiences that allow directors and EPs to get exactly (and only) what they need, while digital librarians and archivists have direct access to the more complex functions required for their roles.

Full: Manage users across your entire enterprise-sl
Manage users across your entire enterprise
Granular permissions management to ensure you control who can see what, at what time, scalable with identity management authentication & authorisation
Half: Visible and forensic watermarking- sl
Visible and forensic watermarking
Keep your story safe, efficiently with customisable and efficient watermarking capabilities
Half: Designed for unique needs of enterprise content companies
Designed for unique needs of enterprise content companies
Experience designed with studio needs in mind. Each user has their experience tailored for their workflows
half: Secure “public” sharing (via FileRunner)
Secure “public” sharing (via FileRunner)
Send assets to all your press partners with encryption, visible and forensic watermarks, controlled downloads & more
Half: Ease of use- sl
Ease of use
Workflow driven user experience and templates for common departments make StoryLink incredibly easy to use
Half: “WIP” workspaces
“WIP” workspaces
Stay unblocked with access to assets from projects in development, via “work in progress” workspaces
Half: Re-use your assets
Re-use your assets
Eliminate duplicate work & re-use assets rapidly from across your franchise with our secure, searchable libraries
Full: Integration with real-time review tools
Integration with real-time review tools
Integration with Sohonet’s Emmy-winning real-time review tools (Flex, Pivot) - offering you seamless review options
Full: Team of expert white glove support- SL
Team of expert white glove support
24 x 7 support and white glove concierge service that will help you get the best out of Storylink at all times

Use Cases

Re-use assets across productions

Shared Libraries for asset reuse by studios, marketing teams and productions. - Organize key assets for your franchise or series and make them easily available to future teams as reference Or build a stock or elements library so you don't have to book another shoot for muzzle flashes

WIP Workspaces to manage iterative projects

Grab some character designs and set photos from the library and get started on a marketing campaign with you favourite agency and ensure everything is shared securely and that every iteration is captured.

Distributing assets securely with all partners

Need to get a press kit out NOW but can't have a leak. Send assets from your workspace or library to all your press partners with encryption, visible and forensic watermarks, control the number of downloads, how partners authenticate, and more. then kill a link as quickly as it was made

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What our customers say

Pivot awarded Engineering Emmy

Sohonet recognised with an Engineering Emmy for advancing remote collaboration


Global production studio partners

Sohonet’s industry renowned white glove concierge service ensures a smooth onboarding process for your team members and total cover for any ad hoc issues


2023 Oscar-winning titles collaborated on by Sohonet customers

Teams all over the world create award-winning content by collaborating through the Sohonet Media Network


Years Experience

We’ve been in the business for over 25 years and understand the unique challenges and pain points M&E teams experience

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