Sohonet Exchange

Keeping your production connected from green light to wrap

Keeping clients connected

Where we can help you

Support at every stage

Work with our experts to scope and budget exactly what’s needed through every step of the production process.

‘Off-lot’ support and shooting on location

Ensure your teams are supported when they cannot be in a purpose-built soundstage campus.

Connect and collaborate

Stay connected with your global collaborators and help your off-set creatives participate remotely.

Spaces and services tailored to you


Involved with 700+ feature & episodic productions annually

We create tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of every production, whether it’s a TV pilot or a feature film spanning multiple stages.


Global production studio partners

We partner with some of the leading production studios across the globe, connecting productions of every shape and size.


2020 Golden Globe Winning films worked on by Sohonet customers

We give teams the infrastructure and tools needed to create award-winning content.

Studio-grade protection

We ensure every tool is compliant with your production’s security protocols to give you confidence and peace of mind.

A solution that adapts to your needs

Production timelines change, and your crew can grow and shrink by the day. Having flexible solutions that can change as quickly as you do is key. We tailor our services to each individual production, meaning you’ll never invest in unnecessary tools or bandwidth you don’t use, but can scale up your services to meet peak project demands and tight deadlines.

Round the clock expert support

Our highly trained teams are on-hand 24/7 to build solutions that fit your changing needs. Whether you’re looking to scale up  your network connection, send multi-terabyte files,or you just need to get the production office up and running quickly, we make sure your workflow needs are met as quickly as possible.

Stay in control of your network 

Scale bandwidth up or down to match your needs and create private internal networks to allocate different amounts to each department.

Solutions to suit your scale

We offer WiFi, phones or video surveillance for any setup, on or off-lot: offices, mobile units, multiple buildings or stages.

Mobile connectivity on-location

Access the internet, line-of-sight microwave and bonded 4G/LTE and 5G mobile data services.

Off-set collaboration

Share and stream content via file-transfer or real-time remote review tools and make use of split-unit monitoring for off-set creative participation.

Integrated cloud workflows

Make use of high-speed access to the cloud to unlock cloud-first workflows and storage through all the cloud-based applications you need.

Studio-grade security

Studio-grade security is built into all of our tools. We also offer managed firewalls, monitoring, back-up, and video surveillance.

“From getting customers set up with Internet, Wi-Fi and network security, to providing them with studio-grade tools to share or stream content, Sohonet’s services and 24/7 technical support ensures that Pinewood’s customers benefit from best in breed services and technology.”

Andy Tenant / Group Director of Technology, Pinewood Studios