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Helping you from the very start

Sohonet partners with some of the largest studios worldwide and has supported the networking needs for some truly exciting projects over the past 20 years (we won’t name names, but some involve top secret agents, spaceships and wizards…). Whether you’re a single-office tenant, a small-budget TV crew or a large production spanning multiple stages and buildings, we have short-term and long-term solutions for you.

Not every foot fits the same ‘glass slipper’, which is why we work closely with each studio facility to ensure that we meet the unique demands of all their tenants. As such, our services vary from studio to studio. Below are some of the key solutions we provide but if you would like to discuss the requirements of your studio facility please do get in touch — all backed by Expert 24/7 Support.

networking & wireless

Stay Connected

With the Sohonet Media Network as the backbone to most of our Studio Packages, your entire business/production – spread across various stages, workshops and buildings can remain on the same secure network. You will also benefit from being connected to over 400 Media and Entertainment companies worldwide, enabling you to stay connected to your media partners or colleagues while at the studio.

Burstable Bandwidth

At the start of your production, there may only be a couple of feet on the ground, you may not even have the green light. We can start you on a small connection just to get you up and running and then as you’re production grows we can ‘burst’ your connection to support the growing number of users on site. Likewise, when your production starts to ramp down, we can decrease your bandwidth.

Network Segregation

Create private internal networks for Accounts, Art, VFX, Production and Guest. Allocate each of these units varying levels of bandwidth, according to their needs.

Keep an eye on your bandwidth

Login to The Sohonet Hub and see how much bandwidth your production or team is using. You can use this tool to determine whether you should increase/ decrease or move around bandwidth between your internal network.

Wireless solutions to suit your scale

Whether you need wireless to support a simple office set-up, full stage coverage, exterior or mobile units, we can deploy this for you. We will work with you to ensure that any wireless units installed had the capability to support the number of users you’ll have on site – whether that’s 1 or 1000.

Secure Wireless Logins

Create up to 3x Wireless logins with unique passwords (Example: Guest Wifi, Production Wifi, Art Dept Wifi). These will be activated on all the areas you have WiFi presence across the Studios – eliminating the need to login repeatedly.

Secure infrastructure with a fully-managed firewall

We offer advice on best practices and accommodate your individual security procedures. As part of our Fully Managed Firewall Service we provide constant monitoring and hourly backup of customer’s firewall configurations, complete revision history of every change made and business day 4 hour replacement of a physical firewall in the event of failure.

Fast Response times for changes & upgrades

We understand that things change and schedules change. You may take a stage or building early or move the entire production forward or back. Our 24/7 support team, with a response time of two hours means that we are on hand to help ensure these changes happen as smoothly as possible (at least where your connection is involved).

cloud services built for studio product­ion

FileRunner Logo
Large capacity, high-performance file transfer without the headache

This secure, browser based file transfer tool allows you to quickly transfer dailies, camera shots, Storyboards, files, previs material (and more) to your colleagues and partners worldwide without the need for server set-up or IT headaches.

You can keep your content secure by setting specific user boundaries, i.e core production team, arts dept, previs team, so each can collaborate privately.

ClearView Logo
Remote, real-time collaboration anywhere on any device

This on-the-go remote review tool lets you review dailies, rushes and live editing sessions from anywhere on your mobile, tablet or PC. Whether you’re at home, on the train or on location, this tool can help you speed up your workflow and keep the production schedule on track.

There’s no need to plan ahead – share a link to the live session and give your colleagues or partners secure and immediate viewing access via their mobile, tablet or PC. 

ClearView Flex can also help you keep above-the-line costs to a minimum, rather than paying large amounts on travel you can save your Director, DP, VFX/Plate Supervisor a journey and give them the freedom to oversee the artistic and technical elements of the film process remotely when needed.

production studio sales contacts

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Arborfield Studios
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Pinewood Studios
Tribecca West
Twickenham Studios
Universal Studios, LA
Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast
Warner Brothers Studios, Leavesden


Contact: Tony Ngo —
General Inquiries:
Phone: +1 310 315 4883

Pinewood Group UK — London (Iver Heath), Wales & Shepperton

Charlie Stewart & Ines Caria

Phone: +44 17 5365 6565

Pinewood Group USA – Atlanta

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Tribecca West

Contact: Tony Ngo —

Universal Studios, LA

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Village Roadshow Studios, Gold Coast

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Warner Brothers Studios, Leavesden

Charlie Stewart & Ines Caria

production studio support contacts

Pinewood Studios
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Lantana: On-Site Support

+1 310 315 4883

Pinewood Iver Heath & Shepperton Studios: On-Site Support

+44 20 7292 6910

Pinewood Atlanta: On-Site Support

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For support at all of our other dedicated Production Studios, Facilities & Campuses:

UK & Europe: 24/7 Support

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North America: 24/7 Support

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Australia: 24/7 Support

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