Production & Studio Spaces

Keeping productions connected from green light to wrap

Sohonet has worked with the leading production studios and some amazing projects over the past 25 years (from top-secret agents to wizards and fire breathing dragons) and understand the unique challenges productions face. 

Now, we’ve joined forces with Exchange to deliver a range of services and tools designed to help productions of every shape & size – from production studio setups to off-lot locations to shooting on location,  we can support you from the minute you get the green light to when the production wraps.

Whether it’s getting you set up with internet, Wi-Fi, and phones or providing you with studio-grade tools to share or stream content to your creatives and executives worldwide, our solutions are designed to create a smoother production workflow for you and your teams.


Solutions that adapt to your needs

Productions ramp up and down, production timelines change, and your crew can grow and shrink by the day. Having flexible workflow solutions that can change as quickly as you do is key – our solutions are designed to help productions scale and meet project demands and tight deadlines with  flexible contract terms and quick turnaround, incorporating creatives on-set, at the video village, in off-lot locations and even while working from home 

Expert Support

24/7/365 support

Every production is unique. That’s why our highly trained teams are on-hand to build solutions that fit your changing needs. Whether you’re looking to “burst” your network connection, monitor remote units in real-time, send multi-terabyte files, enable daily reviews or you just need to get the production office up and running quickly, we ensure these critical workflow changes get delivered as quickly as possible, so you can focus on other tasks.


Studio-grade protection

We offer advice on best practices and accommodate your individual security procedures and ensure every tool is compliant with your production’s individual security protocols and that of your collaborators and Studio partners. As part of our Fully Managed Firewall Service, we provide constant monitoring and hourly backup of customer’s firewall configurations. We also offer video surveillance to give you the confidence and peace of mind to focus on your day job.


24/7 Support

Production plans can change in an instant, so you need to be able to adapt quickly. We can get you live within 3-5 business days at any of our supported 50+ production studios and just about anywhere “off-lot” in the US and the UK.

Keep In Budget

Under budgeting and scoping on your technology leaves you open for a nasty surprise down the line. We work with you from the start to create a bespoke solution that will scope out exactly what you need at each stage of your production.

Stay Connected

Whilst your production captures the magic, at some point they need to deliver the result into downstream workflows.  Our tools are designed to keep you connected with post and VFX creatives around the world. From sharing daily reviews with key creatives or enabling them to review live camera feeds in real-time, we have the tools for you

Enable Remote Working

Changes in shooting protocols due to the recent pandemic may mean a reduction in the number of on-site personnel, but our remote collaboration solutions will ensure everyone can participate in the creative process in real-time or immediately following the shot so that new safety protocols do not slow you down.


We work with industry leaders to ensure we can meet the needs of any production. Here’s some insight to help you get set-up for your next project.

Key Use Cases

Production setup & prep (on/ off-lot)

Internet, WiFi, phones, security, bespoke guidance

Receiving Production

'Burstable' services, network & WiFi segregation designed for each depts requirement

Preparing to shoot

High-speed connectivity, file-transfer, remote review tools, studio-grade security

Off-lot support (vs prod studio)

Internet, WiFi, phones, video surveillance, file-transfer, remote review tools, security

Mobile Connectivity on location

Local internet, Line-of-sight microwave & bonded 4G/LTE and 5G mobile data services

“Off-set creative” participation

Real-time remote review tools, split-unit monitoring, file-transfer

Integrated cloud workflows

High-speed access to the cloud: cloud-first workflows, storage, cloud applications

Protecting the IP

Studio-grade security, firewalls, monitoring, back-up, surveillance, 24/7 support