Near-time review for creatives & execs on or off set

Moxion integrates seamlessly with ClearView to deliver stakeholders real-time and near-time workflows from set. Now you can view dailies any time that suits you, anywhere, offline. Stream camera footage and metadata moments after cut is called on set on any device, via Moxion’s ultra-secure, easy-to-use platform.

Trusted on Hollywood blockbusters, indies, top TV shows & commercials

Add advanced digital workflow to your
next production

Stream Footage

Stream footage (complete with metadata) from set for off-set review on any device or via Apple TV

Edit Remotely

Have your content edited remotely as it comes off the camera and sent back to set for ultrafast checks and approvals

Total Visibilty

Review all the latest real-time activity happening on-set (or on multiple sets) with a single click

Built to manage the digital workflow for your productions


The major Hollywood studios use Moxion

Productions of all scales around the globe deploy Moxion to help create award-winning content.


Awarded HPA Engineering Excellence Award

Proud winner of the top engineering accolade at the 2020 Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) Awards.

Keeping on & off set stakeholders aligned

Now you can share camera footage (and metadata) with your remote teams as soon as it’s shot.  Teams located across the production value chain can view dailies in their own time, from anywhere, with advanced annotation capabilities.

Using Moxion’s easy-to-use platform, they can easily mark-up shots with notes on frames, complete with timecodes, rapidly noting changes in preparation for wider team review.

Split units and off-set crew and creatives can make sure the director or DP’s vision is being upheld, studio execs can jump between productions with a click of a button and post teams can start work the moment the camera stops.

Secure collaboration for your productions

Moxion’s dailies platform is built inside their cloud-based ecosystem, the best in the business for the secure viewing, sharing and editing of footage.

To keep it safe their engineers have built an unyielding, major studio-approved security environment, with features like DRM, screener and access control that set the gold standard in protecting your assets.

Because Moxion is securely in the cloud, it doesn’t matter where in the world your crews and stakeholders are, resulting in faster collaboration across sets and locations, less pick-up days and budget cost-savings.

The powerful featureset of Moxion sets it apart: MPAA compliance, Watermarking, Multi-Factor Authentication and full Digital Rights Management are just the start…

Features overview

Studio-grade security

Built from the ground up to the highest industry standards using the most modern security technologies available – and constantly evaluated by the world’s top security teams.

Device agnostic w/ playback memory

Moxion remembers your settings across multiple devices. If you pause a video on one device and log in on another, the video will resume playing from where you left off.

View and collaborate

Share, communicate, search, sort and assemble your content. Focused feedback is sent only to those who need it, with custom communication and activity channels.

Built-in screeners

You determine access, viewable assets, link expiration and of course watermarking. Track, control and share your footage, with user access only via Moxion accounts.

Sort & shift

Metadata can be used to create folders on the fly. Group clips by scene and sort by take. This creates a highly flexible, efficient way of viewing and managing content.


Comment on any point in a clip. Markers and drawings can be made directly over existing footage to provide precise feedback to the post-production crew.

“Invaluable to ensure the remote units were capturing the director’s vision and production values so essential to any film. We were able to receive video assist footage by the end of each shooting day from 2nd and Scenic units shooting in remote regions of China while 1U was shooting in New Zealand. ”

Barrie M. Osborne / Producer Mulan, Lord of the Rings, The Meg, Pete’s Dragon, The Matrix

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