Remote Collaboration
Use Cases

Built to bring remote teams together in a rock-solid, studio-approved ecosystem, ClearView is now being utilised across the production & post workflows, from previz reviews to off-set creative participation, VFX shot reviews, editorial, sound mixing, colour grading & finishing reviews.


Align everyone’s creative vision from the start of production

Weed out any possible issues, revise ideas and even change artistic direction – before the camera captures a single frame with ClearView. Creative and technical partners at different global locations can review and approve previs content and offer instant feedback helping speed up the pre-production workflow.


Keep your eye on all the action across multiple sets & locations

To stick to timelines and budgets, productions increasingly have post running in parallel and deploy multiple filming units. With ClearView, creatives can provide instant feedback to those on-set and see the changes happen immediately and footage across all units can be monitored to ensure consistency in the creative vision.


Make the cut better, from wherever you are

Work is increasingly split between cutting rooms – you need input from the director to shape your work and you need to keep everyone else informed of how the edit’s going. ClearView provides a seamless ‘over-the-shoulder’ review experience for remote storytellers who need to collaborate in real-time.


Perform real-time audio reviews with remote collaborators

Sound production is a busy time, with review sessions requiring input from multiple stakeholders often scattered across the globe. No one wants to lose audio through poor downmixing. ClearView combines high-quality audio with visual sharing options so you get a perfectly synchronised real-time audio-visual experience.


Bring real-time colour review to remote teams

Bringing stakeholders together for review sessions is a challenge and providing a viewing experience for remote participants that mimics being in the grading suite is no mean feat. Lose the colour accuracy, and you’ve lost the point of the review. ClearView provides the high-quality, colour and frame-accurate review experience you need.

Visual Effects

Follow the visual magic from a distance

Visual Effects reviews require the best possible quality output when streaming in real-time, so you don’t lose a pixel of your artist’s work in translation, and sessions often involve a large number of collaborators. ClearView enables you to host high-quality, real-time VFX shot reviews with multiple parties scattered across the globe

Finishing & localisation

Bring remote participants together for final approval 

Gathering key stakeholders (director, DP, post and VFX supers, colourist, editor, producers, execs) to provide final, valuable feedback is key. This used to happen in a darkened screening room, but with hybrid working models now seen as standard practice, you need the tools to build a ‘critical quality review’ experience from anywhere. Enter ClearView.