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The premise of Sohonet’s platform is simple: build out a global fiber network, optimized for the transfer and storage of large media files, designed to meet the exacting requirements for performance and security of the world’s leading Media & Entertainment companies. Then add value-added services on top of that performance wherever possible.

Do that for a couple of decades and you learn a bit about what your customers need. In business for 20 years, Sohonet fully understands the media and entertainment industry. Our products and services were designed to address the pain points experienced by media production companies, and offer secure, reliable products and flexible pricing. Our customer service and engineering teams are skilled and offer immediate, real-time assistance when needed.

Network & Connectivity

At the end of the day, the speed at which productions get done is limited by how long it takes to get your critical content from Point A to Point B.

Sohonet originally created it’s networking services to allow secure and high-speed transfer of critical content in a manner that had not been possible before. Today, 450+ M&E leaders count on us to keep redefining what you can get from your network.

Connected Cloud Services

What good is infrastructure if you can’t use it? We love our network, but we know it’s only half the battle for our customers.

Each of our cloud platform services provides a key building block to a larger workspace solution, designed to meet the needs and workflows of the M&E industry.

Security Services

With Media & Entertainment, maintaining the highest standards of security is non-negotiable, but managing your own technology and logistics can be a serious drag.

We know networks and firewalls like the backs of our hands. With our fully-managed security services, let our team of cybersecurity experts take the grind of tactical security management off your plate.

Networking & Connectivity

connecting the global M&E community

on the largest private network — built for performance, reliability & security

From Day 1, Sohonet has been the leading networking provider for the media and entertainment industries. At first, our mission was born out of the frustrations of Soho based media companies at the time, Sohonet created a network that would allow secure and high-speed transfer of critical content in a manner that had not been possible before.

Since then, our network has expanded globally and we are able to offer many additional services using the infrastructure and expertise we have developed, including network management, extranet, diversity and domain management.

Sohonet SMN Chevrons Logo
The premier solution for connecting global M&E collaborators rapidly and securely

The Sohonet Media Network (SMN) is the Media & Entertainment industry’s largest private network, allowing Sohonet’s 400+ customers to collaborate on feature film and TV productions with speed, security and delivery assurance.

  • Quickly and securely connect to your many locations around the globe and other industry players
  • Point-to-point service with the ability to change endpoints/partners instantly – providing predictable delivery times and cost.
  • A truly scalable network, providing 24/7 burst capabilities to meet peak project demands and tight deadlines
  • Seamless, uncontended file transfers, letting your teams can connect fast and work smoothly

How to Connect With SMN

Addressing the needs of a diverse and distributed global media community means providing various ways to connect to SMN.

Sohonet can provide bespoke network solutions for your LAN and WAN. Our range of services includes advice, design and consultancy, and the option of a completely managed network. We work with a range of products from industry leading vendors such as Brocade, Juniper, HP, and MRV to make sure we always use the most appropriate technology.

Studio Facility & Campus Infrastructure

Connect right to the action — we have network connections wired up and ready-to-use at many of the world’s top studios, production facilities and campuses.

Point-to-Point Connections (P2P)

Let’s us be direct here: You can leverage SMN and/or Dark Fibre to have dedicated, no-contention connections to your key partners.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

There’s no need to get tangled up by your big, complex WAN. If you are looking to streamline, we can deploy and manage your own high-performance global MPLS for your exceptional networking requirements.

How We Manage Networks

Below, we’ve shared some of the nitty-gritty details on how key aspects of our approach to networking services.


Sohonet enables the delivery of a wide range of content types to any location worldwide and to a variety of recipients – broadcasters, facilities, consumers and many more. We offer an array of delivery methods to provide the exact levels of security and performance our clients require.

These include:

  • Live Streaming & Video-Over-IP
  • FTP & SFTP
  • Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
  • Custom-Designed Delivery & Submission Services

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Remote Managemenent

Sohonet provides a complete solution to enable secure, remote access to your internal company resources as well as enabling exchange of information with your trusted clients and partners. We use a range of open standard technologies to provide these managed services, including hardware and software based SSL VPN’s and IPSEC VPN’s. Our solutions are designed to ensure any service provided adheres to industry standard security best practice.

We will assess your requirements – such as access privilege management capabilities and frequency of changes to user, device and network variables – and will the advise on the most suitable technologies.

Domain Management

We offer domain management services including; Domain Name registration and renewal and hosting and maintenance of Forward and Reverse DNS Lookup tables.

For information on our Domain Name Management Services, please see this page.

Diversity, Redundancy & Failover

For optimum reliability and performance, Sohonet Media Network members often choose to add an additional back-up connection to their service. We offer a range of diverse connection options to ensure your connectivity and business are suitably protected against disruption, including:
Diverse fibre paths to the same POP

In this case, the fibre from the customer’s premises takes two separate paths back to the termination equipment at the Sohonet POP. Automatic failover is usually optical, using one set of termination equipment at your facility.

Diverse fibre paths to different POP’s

Here fibre is run from your premises to two separate Sohonet POPs. Automatic failover is handled at the network level and you have the added protection of being unaffected by planned network outages or other possible interference to your service at a single POP. With this service there is the further option of adding redundant equipment for enhanced resilience.

Diverse Building entries

To ensure against the possibility of unforeseeable damage to fibre as it leaves your premises, an additional building entry may be provided. Please note that any additional fibre connections will usually require the approval of your landlord.

By assessing the commercial impact of loss of connectivity to your business and the potential risks that are specific to your location and workflow, our experts will recommend the best diversity option for you.

Connected Cloud Services

simplifying from the network out

What good is infrastructure if you can't use it?

To better meet the Media & Entertainment industry’s need for transfer and storage of large files, we first built the Sohonet Media Network as a secure high-performance alternative to standard network infrastructure. However, we realized that our customers challenges don’t end with network connectivity — you need end-user tools that can fully utilize the gains and maximum potential of your infrastructure.

That’s why we built our suite of Connected Cloud Services. Each of our cloud platform services provides a key building block to a larger workspace solution, designed to meet the needs and workflows of the M&E industry.

Real-Time Collaboration
ClearView Logo
High quality remote collaboration, with nearly no latency

ClearView HD is the optimal solution for remote, shared viewing of 2K, 3D and 4K footage real-time

ClearView Flex is the definitive tool for “on-the-go” review anywhere in real-time, with encrypted streaming to PCs and mobile devices

File Transfer & Store
FileRunner Logo
Studio-grade accelerated file transfer, simplified and 100% browser-based
Private cloud storage, unlimited egress
Public Cloud Acceleration
FastLane Logo
Burstable direct connectivity to public cloud providers

Security Services

keep it secret, keep it safe

we take care of it so you don't have to

It’s hard enough to manage the core technical demands of production and post-production. Though valid, adding worries about security onto the pile doesn’t make anything easier. As guardians of extremely sensitive data and content, you are beholden not only to the security demands set by your own company, but also those of your collaborators, clients, and trade associations.

We at Sohonet are seasoned veterans of Media & Entertainment cybersecurity. We live for the joy of managing firewalls, VPNs, and complicated patch updates — so you don’t have to. Let us at least take this one off your plate, so you can focus on your business’ bottom line.

Naturally, we have incorporated rigorous security standards and features in to our network & cloud products. The services listed below are dedicated to enhancing your security operations.

Managed Security Logo

Security Services

Fully managed, with 24/7 Global Support

Managed Firewalls

Fully-managed configuration, management and updates of deployments using the latest-and-greatest hardware available, including Next-Generation Firewalls with advanced Layer 7 protection

Managed VPN

We’ll help you get the right people in remotely, the way you want to. We’re equipped to configure SSL VPN’s and IPSEC VPN’s (either hardware of software based) to work nicely with your network’s devices, firewalls and security protocols.

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