Take the FastLane to the Google Cloud

Sohonet is pleased to be part of Google’s Carrier and Partner Interconnect services which are accessible on the Sohonet Media Network via FastLane.

This high-performance, high-availability connection, available as dedicated, “burstable” capacity, sets the stage for next generation M&E processing.

Everyone talks about the Cloud, but getting there is only half the battle. Ultimately, any tool is only useful if you have a reason to use it. VFX Rendering in the Cloud is one such use case. With a FastLane connection to Google Cloud Compute Platform, any VFX rendering job is no longer bound by the usual constraints of time and capacity.

  • Direct connection from the Sohonet Media Network to the Google Cloud–no data travels over the open internet
  • Significant cost savings on egress charges
  • Guaranteed throughput for fast & reliable transfer with the ability to burst as needed
  • Low latency
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