Unlock cloud storage for your workflows

Your low-cost alternative to Amazon S3 for disaster recovery (DR) and cloud-first workflows. We provide your teams with high-speed, direct access to RSTOR’s storage facilities, covering all major media centres, via FastLane

Keeping clients connected

Where FileStore+ can help you

Production disaster recovery

Fast data loading and regional replication for fast retrieval and data recovery.

Post-production storage

Cost effective, mid-term storage that meets security requirements on content handling and disaster recovery.

Cloud-first workflows

Predictable and low-cost pricing unlocks the potential of storing camera RAW files in a highly resilient and secure cloud environment.

The faster, cheaper cloud storage alternative


per TB per month

Cut storage costs by up to 80% with no hidden extra costs —no upload charges, no API call charges, no egress fees, no complex pricing tiers.



With wide availability across regions and FastLane access, get less than 5ms latency anywhere in NA.


Copy replication

Store up to 3 copies dispersed across different locations for increased resilience.



FileStore matches all tier 1 cloud service providers for durability and resilience.

The lowest cost storage on the market

Starting at $5.99 per TB/month per stored copy, the data at rest charges for FileStore+ are considerably lower than the leading cloud service providers. And with no egress charges or API call transaction fees there are no hidden costs. The flat rate, tiered pricing model makes budgeting for storage simple and predictable.

Making cloud-first workflows possible

FileStore+ replicates your data across regions, and has no hidden egress fees which means you can eliminate your need to transfer files directly. It unlocks cloud-first workflows where they weren’t previously accessible or affordable. Load data onto the cloud directly at speeds of 1 Gbps or higher into our secure cloud object storage platform, and have copies accessible in other regions within minutes.

Features overview

Really, really fast storage

Time to first byte speeds of <1s and write speeds at 3 times those of Amazon S3.

Uncontended, scalable connectivity

Fast, guaranteed connectivity direct to your storage location via FastLane, with options to increase or decrease bandwidth.

Geographic replication

Store multiple copies across locations for extra resilience and quick access wherever you are.

Easy to switch

Uses standard Amazon S3 APIs making switching providers a pain-free process.


Data encrypted at rest and in transit, stored in tier 1 data centres and all communications protected via SSL (HTTPS).


11x9s data durability, active integrity checking and optional immutability.

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