Storage without the commitment

The ideal short-term solution for offering fast access, flexible storage for when your internal resources are under pressure

Keeping clients connected

Flexible media storage

Project parking

Store any or all of your data when projects are delayed or put on hold.

Back up projects online

Data and software can sync daily, and keeps backup copies to fall back on.

Archiving client footage

Keep your client data safe but quickly accessible to the right people.

Secure, scalable cloud storage

No storage limit

Whatever space you need, small or large, our storage is waiting for you.


Backup copies

Copies of your data are stored as standard for any unforeseen disaster recovery needs.


Cloud storage locations

We host your data in an auditable data centre in London, New York, LA or Sydney.


No egress fees

No nasty surprises: we charge one flat rate for storage with no hidden fees.

On-demand access

FileStore is seamlessly integrated within our Media Network and can be accessed on-demand, utilizing the full speed of your Sohonet connection. With flexible contract length and low minimum commitments, no problem is too small. Plus, you can scale your storage capacity up and down as you need.

Keep track of your data

Hosted on our own disc, in our own racks in our own data centres, we never lose track of the location of your data: something we know can be critical for some projects. With integration options such as Storage Made Easy, we make searching your data really simple, so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Features overview


Storage bundles designed to meet your project needs and robust integration capabilities to third-party services.

Rigorous security

Meets the standards of MPAA audit and security guidelines with audit trail logging, encryption, and SOC-compliant data centres.

Strong disaster recovery and failover

FileStore has built-in replication, with your choice of 2 or 3 copy redundancy.


High speed, low latency access with guaranteed throughput via the Sohonet Media Network.


Add extra storage capacity as needed, on demand, without affecting performance.

Fully managed

FileStore is a fully managed solution with 24/7 support from M&E storage experts.

FileStore Datasheet

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