Network Connectivity

Essential infrastructure to support productions in film, TV and advertising

Introducing Multiport…

Whether you need dedicated internet access, a secure connection to the cloud or you need to create a private network; Multiport is the answer. We’ve combined all these services into one cost effective solution that you can reconfigure and scale as needed.

Connect with 1000+ M&E companies on the world’s largest private network

You never have to choose between security and transfer speed again. The Sohonet Media Network (SMN) is the industry’s largest private fibre network, built so you can transfer files, no matter how heavy they are, quickly, securely, and predictably.

Bring the cloud directly to your network, on your terms

Skip the risk and the congestion of the public internet, and connect to the cloud via your own private network with FastLane. Whether you use Amazon, Google or Microsoft, connect to any and all of your cloud service providers securely and flexibly.