Fully-managed TVIPS solutions

Designed for existing TVIPs users, ClearView HD is our fully-managed solution, providing everything you need to run successful point-to-point review sessions to take the management headache away from your IT teams

Keeping clients connected

Get a helping hand with your existing TVIPS setup

Extra TVIPs units without the investment

We can provide more TVIPs units without a long-term investment in kit.

Stop streams lagging

We can provide you with a private network off the open internet so sessions run smoothly.

Straightforward session setup

Setting up TVIPS sessions can be a headache for IT teams – but we can manage the strain for you.

CAPEX-free expansion of your TVIPS setup

If you need to expand your existing TVIPS infrastructure, we can provide additional hardware on short-term contracts so you don’t need to invest significant capital upfront. We can handle maintenance, monitoring and management of additional hardware, or even takeover your existing units, so it doesn’t add any extra strain.

A smooth stream from end to end

Our ClearView HD solution includes hardware, connectivity and video conferencing if you need it. So your data isn’t subject to contention, delay or outside threat, our solutions are provided over our private Sohonet Media Network. This also means we can guarantee a low-latency connection for the best possible viewing experience.

Features overview

Monthly pricing model

You can get Nevion TVG480 TVIPS devices on a monthly pricing model.

Sohonet Media Network included

Connected via our private network both domestically and internationally for guaranteed throughput.

Device configuration

Anytime you need to set up a session to a new endpoint, our engineers can handle device configuration for you.

Video conferencing

We provide high-quality Lifesize video conferencing to enhance the experience for remote review sessions.

24/7 monitoring

We provide constant monitoring of all the components of your streaming setup to begin to fix issues before they arise.

24/7 support

You can call us at any time of day to provide guidance and support when you need it.

“ClearView HD allowed the team to escape logistical nightmares, by taking advantage of high quality, real-time collaboration, no matter what continent they are in.”

Richard Barnes / Head of IT, Goldcrest

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