Hear what some of our customers have to say about Sohonet.

“We have a long-term partnership with Sohonet to ensure that the Pinewood Studios Group remains at the forefront of digital asset management, storage and delivery for the international film and TV community.”

Darren Woolfson
Group Director of Technology, Pinewood Group

“Using Sohonet FastLane gave us a solution which far exceeded Google’s standalone capabilities, and which ‘just worked’. We knew we had a solution in place which would allow us to scale up our render capacity seamlessly to meet demand.”

Craig Dibble
Lead Render Systems Engineer, MPC

On Sohonet FastLane: Having our secure and dedicated connection to the GCE enables us to confidently pitch on bigger projects knowing we have the rendering capabilities behind us if required, without worrying about where we’ll put the extra render nodes if required.”

Dave Goodbourn
Head of Systems, Milk VFX

“Our Sohonet partnership gives us the ability to collaborate securely and effectively, not only within the UK, but globally. Their network, coupled with an increasingly innovative range of services and solutions empowers us to meet the demands presented by rapid technological advancement.”

Richard Wilding
CTO, Molinare TV & Film Ltd.

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