Top 8 M&E Content Production Trends

How to Keep Ahead of the Curve in Media & Entertainment

Welcome to a new era in Media & Entertainment content production, where powerful trends are transforming our industry.

From speaking with our customers and engaging with the M&E community at industry events, we’ve identified the top 8 content production trends driving the film, TV, and ad industries, over the next 5 years and beyond.

We explore how these trends will impact and empower professionals and businesses in production, post and VFX.

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Episodic content production will continue to surge

in volume through 2023, driven by Netflix, Amazon, Disney+, Apple, Warner Media Group and Hulu

Content production will continue to rely heavily on VFX

with episodics & major features leading the charge

Production and VFX spend growth drive cloud adoption

with an acceleration towards “cloud-first workflows”

A revolution in distributed workforce

due to improving connectivity speeds combined with affordable tools

The meteoric rise of the freelancer

will accelerate the deconstruction of the employer relationship in post-production and VFX

Continued explosion of file transfer for individual creatives

caused by the expanding volume of small productions and freelance professionals

Death of the enterprise software model

As self-reliant productions trend away from corporate admin and the “data wrangler” at all levels (i.e. Slack),

Ad spend on video continues to grow

despite going through a massive transition in formats, channels, and production costs