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Flexible Remote Review with ClearView Flex

ClearView Flex offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution to the conundrum of how to ‘review from anywhere’ with that ‘over the shoulder’ experience of being together.

Flex enables directors, producers, DPs, production designers, and other Heads of Department to review previs content with the artist in real-time– on their tablet, phone, PC/Mac or via Apple TV, using a basic internet connection.

With Flex you can add up to 30 viewers to a session, enabling team collaborations. Getting this real-time alignment amongst key parties not only speeds up the previs workflow but also mitigates the need for continual changes and reviews. 

Your Guide to Real-Time Remote Workflows

Remote working is the hot topic right now with real-time remote workflows transforming the way we connect, collaborate and create. In this eBook, we focus on the unique challenges facing teams throughout the production workflow, from pre-visualisation and onset challenges to colour grading and VFX reviews.

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Test-drive ClearView Flex for yourself and discover how this real-time, remote review tool can give you, your teams and your clients the security and flexibility to collaborate on high-quality content from anywhere in the world.