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Statement Moves into Video Production with Sohonet’s Real-Time Remote Review Tool, ClearView Flex

For LA-based Statement Advertising, remote technology plays a key role in their everyday collaborations. Working across a number of high profile, 360 campaigns for leading creatives and studios, harnessing these tools to speed up their workflows and offer their clients greater flexibility and choice has become paramount to their business.    The real need for...
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Electric Theatre Company Unlocks Global Creativity with Remote Technology

Remote work has made creative capabilities and top talent more accessible than ever before; in conversation with Electric Theatre Collective, LBB reveal the reality behind the solutions…    Ten years ago, the phrases ‘dispersed teams’, ‘working-from-home’ and ‘delocalised workflows’ meant very little. Back then, the norm was to find yourself in an office, at a...
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Ahead of the Trends: The Meteoric Rise of the Freelancer in the Media Industry

Sohonet CEO Chuck Parker Looks at how Freelance Creatives Transform the Workflow   The rising prominence of the freelancer in the media and entertainment industry has been astonishing. Freelancers have always been part of the on-set production in the film/TV industry and have been a part of editorial and post in advertising for years, but...
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