It starts with "the network"...

Who are we? What we have been up to?

Where we come from

Back in 1995, a group of London-based Post Production guys met at their local Soho pub to put the world to rights. They concluded that if they didn’t make the thing they needed, it would never get made. The thing they needed was a way to send really big digital files to each other.
They assumed that others around the world would make their own networks, too, but that didn’t happen, so a couple of them formed a company to make their “Soho Net” into a global thing. A few years and an MBO later and our Sohonet was born.


Five post-production guys walk into a pub…

Our Mission, Today & Beyond

We Connect Storytellers by innovating technologies to facilitate collaboration through a world-class managed service.

Every one of us got into this business because we believe in the power of a story well told.

Since our early, experimental days, Sohonet has grown its network operations internationally and is renowned for creating the world’s largest independent media network. With offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Sydney, and Vancouver, we cover the media production centres of the world with our phenomenal service.

Our aim is to provide services and solutions that manage the technical obstacles which often distract our customers from their core business.

For us, building our Media Network and the services that run on it is our way of telling stories. We build them to help you tell yours.

So, what’s on your mind?

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