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For over 20 years, we have delivered innovative solutions to the increasingly complex challenges of secure collaboration at a global scale, which the Media & Entertainment industry encounter day after day.


We use our diverse skill set to:

Step 1:

Connect Storytellers at the leading media & entertainment companies on the world’s largest private network

Step 2:

Deliver purpose-built, media-specific cloud services to help our customers collaborate globally–smarter, faster, and more securely.
Sohonet Connected Cloud

You are in the business of creating dreams.

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the possibilities are endless.

Your Strategy, Our Solutions

As productions are expanding to all corners of the globe, we help bring everyone and everything closer together.

Working “from-a-far” and “on-the-go” are the new normal. The trick to success is to equip your team with the right tools to keep up and keep going strong.

You never know when you are going to need a big “boost of infrastructure” to get the job done. Pick a network and technology stack that can tackle anything thrown at you at a moment’s notice.

You need to move fast and work with a lot of different people, but you also need to adhere to strict security standards. Can you have it all? With Sohonet, we certainly think so.

Sohonet Services

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Sohonet Media Network

Connect with over 400 top Media & Entertainment companies on the largest, fastest, and most secure private network

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Accelerated high-volume file transfer, without the headache — run entirely from your browser (no installs, plugins, hardware or software required)


Flexible cloud storage, optimized for Media & Entertainment workflows — with no ingress or egress fees

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Skip the public internet and enjoy secure, direct connections to the major cloud providers — with burstable speed & no contention

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The next generation of high-quality remote video collaboration — secure, easy, and at the speed of light (and sometimes in your pocket)

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Managed Security

Fully-managed, strategic & tactical security services from a team that actually understands your business — Firewalls, VPNs, safe browsing and more

Who We Serve

Over 400 Media & Entertainment Companies Can’t Be Wrong

Join a continuously growing global community. At Sohonet, we are proud to work with over 400 companies in the media and entertainment industry from all over the world. Our clients cover areas as diverse as studios, labs, post houses, facilities, VFX vendors, production companies, content delivery specialists and advertising agencies. By joining our network you are able to directly collaborate with this extensive list of companies via the Sohonet Hub.





  • Sohonet are a key technology partner for Pinewood Group, managing our corporate networking and security requirements. They also manage our UK sites networks for the majority of productions and tenants based on the lot. From getting customers set up with Internet, Wi-Fi and network security, to providing them with studio-grade tools to share or stream content, Sohonet’s services and 24/7 technical support ensures that Pinewood’s customers benefit from best in breed services and technology.

    Andy Tenant
    Group Director of Technology, Pinewood Group
  • Using Sohonet FastLane gave us a solution which far exceeded Google’s standalone capabilities, and which “just worked”. We knew we had a solution in place which would allow us to scale up our render capacity seamlessly to meet demand.

    Motion Picture Company logo
    Craig Dibble
    Lead Render Systems Engineer, MPC
  • On Sohonet FastLane: Having our secure and dedicated connection to the GCE enables us to confidently pitch on bigger projects knowing we have the rendering capabilities behind us if required, without worrying about where we’ll put the extra render nodes if required.

    Dave Goodbourn
    Head of Systems, Milk VFX
  • Our Sohonet partnership gives us the ability to collaborate securely and effectively, not only within the UK, but globally. Their network, coupled with an increasingly innovative range of services and solutions empowers us to meet the demands presented by rapid technological advancement.

    Richard Wilding
    CTO, Molinare TV & Film Ltd.