Supporting productions from green light to wrap

Whether it’s getting you set up with internet, Wi-Fi and phones on set or on location, or providing you with studio-grade tools to share or stream content to your creatives and execs worldwide, our solutions create a smoother production workflow for you and your teams.

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Real-time or near-time: Remote review, your way

Review content, fresh from set,whenever, wherever

The ultimate dailies and content review platform. Review dailies, cuts, and other key assets, add mark-ups and make key creative decisions as a team, with a secure, near-time review tool built to support creative teams when they can’t all be in the same room at the same.

Picking that perfect take has never been easier, with an intuitive interface that allows stakeholders to markup and feedback on dailies, in their own time, from any device (including browser, iOS or Apple TV). ClearView Rush provides a secure and straightforward solution, eliminating re-shoots, and enabling your whole team to remain connected to the story.

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Stream live feeds straight from the video village for review

Stream live, encrypted video to your crew, creatives or clients straight from the camera or video village, enabling them to review content in real-time via a web browser on their tablet, phone, PC/Mac or via Apple TV.

Creatives can provide instant feedback to those on-set and see the changes happen immediately and footage across all units can be monitored to ensure consistency in the creative vision.

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Re-use assets across productions

Re-use assets across productions

Your archive and your library! Allowing you to re-use assets across seasons, sequels and your entire cinematic universe. From set designs to costumes - avoid duplication and find everything from your history simply and easily with our simple empowered search.

Easy uploading and metadata tagging allow teams to add assets on the fly, search and download for reuse or securely share.

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Share your production assets with global collaborator quickly and securely

A high-speed, reliable file transfer tool that is 100% browser-based, with no servers or plug-ins -- which means the production does not have to provide any equipment or personnel to support the tool. FileRunner also supports structure from source to download.

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Tools to keep your production running smoothly

Get your production phones setup quick

Whether you need two phones for a SetDec warehouse or 100+ phones for the production office, our team can customise your phone system exactly how you like it.

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Scalable internet to support your production as it grows and shrinks

Our internet services are scoped to match the needs of every production and department, meaning you’ll never invest in bandwidth you don’t use, but can scale to meet peak project demands and tight deadlines.

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Keep your production connected with WiFi and LAN switching

Whether you’re looking to securely connect your on-site departments to your global collaborators or need Wi-Fi setup across multiple buildings and stages, we help scope, budget and deliver these solutions as quickly as possible, so you can focus on other tasks.

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